The Warrior’s Way® – Practical Mental Training 

“The warriors way is an invaluable guide for anyone sincerely looking to have a breakthrough in their approach to climbing”  Chris Sharma

Develop mental strength to enjoy rock climbing (and life) more often.

Being scared, uncertain, or a nervous wreck is common in rock climbing but it doesn’t need to be that way. Or, maybe you’re confident in your climbing but you:

  • always fall a move or two before the anchor
  • secretly never push your comfort level
  • wear headphones during a comp to attempt keep nerves away.

Climbing can be hard. That’s why many of us love it and find it so frustrating. We feel the same. But our trainers and students use The Warrior’s Way process to engage fears, frustrations, and nerves. 

Climbing Training with Intention

The Warrior’s Way ® is the oldest mental training program for rock climbing.  It will help you because it is:

  • built on 20+ years of feedback
  • proven to create results for bouldering, sport climbs, trad climbs, and comps
  • offering practical tools to face your fears (yes, you have them, even if you don’t think you do)
  • for elite climbers like Nina Williams, Chris Sharma, Alex Honnold
  • useful for everyone - from competition climbers to new beginners.

Each Rock Warrior’s Way course focuses on easy and specific incremental steps to do before, during, and after each climb. Specific exercises help you control your mind, your attention, and keep the body relaxed (which influences brain chemistry).  Trainers support you with individual feedback and listen to what you need and your concerns. 

Our Mental Training is suitable for…

The Everyday Climber  You arrive, fairly pumped, at a clipping stance on a sport climb. You’re ten feet out from your last bolt and very anxious to get clipped in. You’re tense, over-gripping, and out of balance. Gritting your teeth, close to falling, you finally make the clip—and instantly relax. Immediately you find another good handhold within reach but now you wonder if the struggle to clips means you should give up.

The Climbing Competitor  Perhaps you’re a competitor and feel confident in your climbing, aren’t afraid of falling, but get frustrated, disillusioned, and discouraged when you fail. You can’t seem to make progress on your project or experience performance anxiety in comps. You’d do anything to get back in contact with how fun climbing used to be. 

For all of us in everyday life  Perhaps you’re at work and wish you could just find a job that you enjoy. You wonder why your job has no meaning and can’t wait for Friday. You love Friday because finally the meaningless work is done.  At the same time, you hate Friday because you know you’re just wasting your life. These situations (above) describe a life not fully lived. Whether you’re a climber or not, you want to find a way to move beyond fear and anxiety so you can flow.

We offer Falling and Commitment Indoor Clinics , Outdoor Camps & Trad Camps.

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