Quality teaching in an unforgetable environment


If you have experience of climbing at indoor climbing walls or are a relative newcomer to the sport, this day long unit will introduce you to all the basic skills needed to climb outdoors with a high degree of self-reliance and safety. The entire day is spent at the crag where everything can be learnt in a spectacular setting on great rock. The day begins focusing on recognising the potential hazards of the outdoor climbing environment and how to deal with them. It provides a thorough understanding of all the necessary equipment and its safe use. All of this is taught in a manner which enables you to quickly get on the rock and learn while enjoying the climbing. As the day goes on we turn our attention towards the technical demands that the features of real rock place upon your climbing style. We choose routes which allow you to hone the techniques specific to slabs, flakes, corners, cracks and faces. By the evening your discovery of the attraction and challenges of real rock will have truly begun.

Course contents include:

          Preparing to climb

  • Seriousness of the climbing environment
  • Recognising hazards
  • Appropriate equipment and how to use it
  • Choosing routes and sectors

          Starting to climb 

  • Understanding and using in-situ anchors
  • Setting up top ropes
  • Importance of good communication
  • Belaying top ropes
  • Lowering safely and descent 

          Style and technique on real rock

  • Route interpretation and strategy
  • Climbing in three dimensions
  • Reading rock quality
  • Special techniques on slabs, flakes, cracks, corners and face climbs