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Get on the sharp end with this full day unit focusing on all the issues surrounding lead climbing. Taught entirely on truly excellent and well bolted sports routes, you will be introduced to all the fundamental skills such as clipping, reading the route onsight, and threading. Helping you build confidence, we look at how to develop a successful lead climbing strategy through self assessment and realistic target setting. You will also learn how to utilise red-pointing to improve your onsight climbing. Addressing the psychological challenges we look at the important synthesis of mind and body, winning the head game and distinguishing between reasonable and unreasonable fear.

Course contents include:

Fundamental skills

  • Use of devices when belaying a leader
  • Catching a fall 
  • Understanding lower-offs 
  • Threading procedures 
  • Clipping runners

Risk management 

  • Assess the safety of equipped routes 
  • Recognising the level of seriousness 
  • Choosing routes 
  • Knowing how to fall!

Climbing on lead 

  • Optimal clipping 
  • Mental preparation and strategy development 
  • Target setting 
  • Use of red-pointing 
  • Onsight skills 
  • Using the synthesis of mind and body 
  • Winning the head game