Quality teaching in an unforgetable environment


Efficiency, fluid team work, free flowing rope management and confident route finding all contribute to completing long routes successfully. In Level 2 we help you hone the basic skills and add methods and tips which help everything come together even more smoothly.

In addition multi-pitch climbing can involve a serious level of potential hazard and commitment. Increasing your levels of self-reliance and safety will enable you to rise to ever greater challenges with confidence. We will introduce you to a range of skills for dealing with special difficulties which can arise. Learning how best to abandon a route safely, methods of rope ascension and descent amongst other skills can help to get you out of some potentially sticky situations.

As with Level 1 the course involves some workshop time, but the emphasis remains on putting the skills into practice in a real multi-pitch climbing situation. You will learn some ingeniously simple techniques giving you greater control over the multi-pitch environment, while enjoying another great classic outing.

Course contents include:

Methods for greater efficiency

  • Honing stance management
  • The place of multi-tasking
  • Slick change-overs 
  • Special rope management considerations 
  • Developing fluid teamwork 
  • Improved route finding ability 
  • Topos revisited

Self reliance and dealing with special difficulties 

  • Use of munter hitch 
  • Methods for ascending and descending ropes
  • More knots 
  • How to abandon routes safely 
  • Building more complex anchors and use of cordelette 
  • Appropriate use of double ropes and auxiliary cords